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  • 2nd European Space Generation Workshop Paris: A voice of next generation's space leaders

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    • Florian Ruhhammer
    • Caroline Thro


    Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC);






    With the success of the SGAC's annual conferences focusing on global deliberations (Space Generation Congress, SGC and Space Generation Fusion Forum, SGFF), the need to develop a regional workshop with the primary aim of discussing regional space initiatives and activities have become increasingly important. SGAC therefore launched its regional workshop series, the Space Generation Workshops (SGW). The main goals of the European Space Generation Workshop (E-SGW) are to strengthen the regional network of the students and young professionals in the European region, to examine and consider key questions that the European regional space community is facing and to provide inputs from the next generation of space professionals, to allow tomorrow's space sector leaders in the European region to have the opportunity to interact with today's space leaders in the region through cooperation with ESA. The 2nd European Space Generation Workshop (2nd E-SGW) is a two-days regional workshop for 96 university students and young professionals with a passion for space. It will be held in Paris, March 24-25. Beside high-level presentations, the Delegates will deepen one topic within a Working Group. This year the 2nd E-SGW addresses its working groups closely related to the UNISPACE+50 topics and adapted to its needs: Space Economy, Space Accessibility, Space Diplomacy, Space Exploration. E-SGW is a unique opportunity for up and coming space sector leaders in the region to contribute their voice to the regional space sector policy. Additionally, E-SGW provides the optimal forum to network with other future, regional space leaders as well as to develop the necessary leadership and team collaboration skills to rise to the top. By joining the next generation of space leaders, one gets the the opportunity to network and to examine together critical questions that are facing the space and international community at large. The application process closed on First of December 2016 with a record number of 172 applicants for a SGAC regional event with a huge diversity of nationalities, genders and backgrounds. Starting First January the selected Delegates were able to purchase their ticket for the 2nd E-SGW. After only 14 days the Workshop was sold-out. Among the final participants a huge diversity is shown by the representation of 31 different nationalities of which 45\% are females. 78\% of all participants hold at least a master's degree. 56\% are young professionals and 23\% PhD Students.