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  • The Ethical Code for Outer Space

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    The vast majority of human settlement on planet Earth has taken place over the last 70,000 years, however, most settlements were created without any ethical code. This has resulted in immense damage to natural infrastructure along with disharmony among humans which led to lack of cooperation. Accordingly, it seems that the field of ethics in space has been dealt with extensively by public bodies (UN, EU, COSPAR and countries) all of which are assisted by academic institutions and by private economic entities (tourism companies, space industry, etc.) as well as by citizens, who have created forums, associations, activities and the establishment of websites. Of all these, I have not found a single document, which is a comprehensive and binding ethical code for human activity in space. Therefore, I am suggesting (Sever 2020) 'six assumptions and the eight ethical disciplines 'of the decisions to be discussed, which should be shared with the majority of the world's population to create a main document to be presented to legislators, international bodies, countries and the public. Sever, Z. 2020. An ethical code for living in space. Room Space Journal, Opinion, Spring, Issue 23, 76-79. https://room.eu.com/article/an-ethical-code-for-living-in-space