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  • "Moon objective and Lunar base". Anthropological prospective of defense and security. Dr Isabelle Tisserand. Anthropologist, Doctor of the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS). Citizen Reservist CC. French Navy.

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    • Isabelle Tisserand







    The "Moon objective" aims for a long-term human settlement in an artificial society (Lunar base). France, under the direction of Clarisse Angelier, General delegate of the ANRT (National Association for Research and Technology) with the coordination of Alban Guyomarc'h, Coordinator "Moon Objective", Doctoral student in space law ; published the White Paper "Objective Moon" (Paris, France, January 2022). One of the concerns treated in this study is the Defense and the Security of the Lunar base. Space human resources have new profiles. An artificial society shall be inhabited by Astronauts with different psychologies (more women, engineers, all kind of representatives of various scientific disciplines and cultures, all from different generations), so many criteria that raise question for an appropriate form of management, in particular with regard to the security and defense of the base. The assets to be protected are numerous locally: team (physical, mental and social health), habitats, infrastructures, activities, resources, technologies, connection, information, cultures. To consider a comprehensive strategy, The ANRT relied on several working groups, including one dedicated to security and defense of the Lunar base. The experimental methodology of this task force has produced unprecedented results. This team (military civilian, interdisciplinary, intercultural, intergenerational, parity) has carried out a risk analysis without limitations, i.e. as futurists, in order to imagine new industrial and technological innovations (I.A., augmented reality, Metavers, robotics, etc.) that will be useful, both to strengthen the protection of the base, and our scientific knowledge on Earth. In order to protect a potential lunar artificial society, we propose to explain how the risk analyzes can help to set up strategic security plans, team casting, monitoring, crisis management unit, business continuity plan, technological and human supports. We also propose to explain the reasons why the societal balance of an artificial society must help to manage archetypes, in order to maintain the balance of human groups, moreover when they are subjected to extreme conditions and hostile environments.